Every four years, America embarks on a great democratic tradition – electing the President of the United States.

History has shown that American presidencies are often defined by foreign crises.

President Thomas Jefferson recognized that secure trade routes in the Mediterranean furthered American prosperity. He engaged in the Barbary War shortly after taking office in 1801.
President Madison came to office amid rising tensions with Europe that ultimately led to the War of 1812.
President Truman came into office during World War II and had to confront unthinkable challenges.
President Kennedy had to confront the possibility of nuclear missiles being housed in Cuba.
President Reagan came to office with the Soviet bear on the march.
In more recent years, President George W. Bush was forced to address the aftermath of terrible terrorist attacks eight months after swearing the oath of office, while President Obama came to office with two wars raging overseas and terrorists still plotting.

The next commander in chief will not have the luxury of on-the-job training. The foreign policy challenges that face the next President of the United States will be more complicated than ever before.

APPS will push the 2016 presidential candidates to fully outline their policies on major national security issues such as Iran, Russia and China to ISIS, space and cyber. The peace, prosperity and security of Americans and our allies are at risk if we do not get national security and foreign policy right in the near term.

Rooted in a historical perspective, APPS will work to ensure the next president is ready for the challenges we know will await.