The foreign policy challenges facing the next President of the United States, on day one, will be more complicated than ever before. Understanding the challenges and benefits of American leadership around the globe will be crucial for our next president. National security, international engagement and the U.S. defense posture will have to be dealt with in the first months of the next presidency. With no time for on-the-job training, a fulsome debate must begin now.

APPS seeks to do two things to shape the 2016 presidential race:

  1. Raise the level of debate on the most important issues facing the country and move candidates beyond just rhetoric and talking points.
  2. Enhance the knowledge base of citizens in the early states to help elect a president who supports American engagement and a strong foreign policy.

APPS Mission Statement: To educate and motivate citizens about the strong national security and foreign policies necessary to provide for American peace, prosperity and security in this century.

Get involved in something special. Impact Americans’ security.